Microsoft Joins the Open Source Movement


Microsoft has finally realized the importance of providing an open source option to an operating system. They’ve just recently announced that they will be joining the Linux Foundation as a platinum member and that developers will eventually have the same abilities in Windows 10 as in Linux. The software giant has built a closed source software empire and it may have seemed unimaginable that Microsoft would embrace the open source movement. The company’s philosophies are continuing to evolve and change, and joining the Linux foundation is a perfect example of that.

Much of this change in mindset can be accredited to Satya Nadella’s corporate culture influence. The CEO of Microsoft has been a big proponent of open source and intends to take the company in a new direction.

Developers are being encouraged to run code and do whatever they normally do in Linux and report bugs to Microsoft so they can continue to develop their platform. It seems as though Microsoft has finally acknowledged the significance of open source operation systems and is beginning to understand the importance of developers and their role in software evolution and design.

For Apple, Alphabet (formerly Google), and now Microsoft, the magnitude of cloud services is being stressed in the modern era. These companies believe that the future of software is as a service. Apps need to be cross platform compatible and able to access cloud services.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation said that in becoming a member, “Microsoft is better able to collaborate with the open source community to deliver transformative mobile and cloud experiences to more people.” Microsoft is committed to making SQL Server for Linux work and act like a native Linux application to as great of an extent as possible.

Due to Microsoft’s new strategy of cloud-first and mobile-first, open source makes perfect sense. In 2014 Microsoft made a public display of their affection for Linux and since then has been working on increasing their open source presence. Joining Linux is merely a culmination of these steps over the past several years.

Microsoft’s collaboration with Linux goes beyond code contribution; the company is now creating a level playing field for Linux. The message is now clear, it does not matter what machine you run locally, whether it’s Linux or Windows, you will have the same tools to do the job.

In conclusion it’s vital to understand the significance of this collaboration. The underlying meaning behind it is far greater than two software companies merely choosing to work together. Making software open source allows for true freedom of knowledge transfer and quicker product evolution. When developers and programmers can see the interworking of how specific software operates, it allows them offer insight on changes that may better the software. It also gives them the ability to gain ideas they may have never had in the past when doing their own development. Open source relationships like this will increase technological evolution significantly and aid in the advancement of the human race.

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