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Top Open Source 3D Animation Software

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Mona Lisa 3d Animation

3D animation software can typically be advanced and expensive if you have a need for it. There is also a usually long learning curve associated with deciphering how to use the software correctly. The good news is that there are some advanced open source options available that allow you to practice on a platform without any cost. Listed below are some of the best free 3D animation software packages available on the internet today.

  • Blender – This free platform is available for all major operating systems and can perform the most serious of 3D animation. It is now considered the largest open source program for 3D creation and its capabilities are limitless. Everything from rendering, animation, modeling and texturing can be done with Blender.
  • Sculptris – A great software that can be used for 3D sculpting. A user can hone their sculpting skills on this before graduating to a more advanced program like Blender that does full-blown animation.
  • Daz Studio – Normally retails for $249.00 but is now available for free download. The software gives to ability to do 3D animation and sculpting, while allowing users to explore their imagination in reference to virtual people, vehicles, animals and environments. It is not known how long this software will be available for free so take advantage while you can!
  • Vue 11 – is landscape design software that allows you to create 3D renderings. The software is free but any saved renderings will be watermarked. The purpose of this free trial is to get a user interested enough to upgrade to one of their paid versions.
  • Houdini Apprentice – Houdini is typically a paid 3D software animation and effects tool, however the makers of the program decided to offer an open source version as well. The open source version is exclusively for non-commercial use and learning purposes. If you intend to use the software for commercial purposes you will need to invest in the paid version.

3D animation software can be extremely expensive, with costs ranging from monthly membership fees to outright purchase prices equaling thousands of dollars. One reason why open source 3D animation software is so important is that paid versions tend to be quite expensive. Usually these kinds of software are extremely advanced and took years to develop, which increases their cost. Before making an investment of that magnitude, download some open source options and see if they meet your needs.

With advanced open source 3D animation software like Blender available, you may find that you never need to buy animation software in the first place. Thus you can focus your energy and effort into creating amazing artwork and animation rather than on the cost of the software.

The great thing about open source tools is that they allow anyone to try multiple products for free, and at the same time. You can put these programs through rigorous testing to see if they will provide the capabilities you will need out of your 3D animation software. If not, you can download a different open source option, or chose to upgrade to a paid version. However, you do not have the financial commitment up front, which should help address any concerns as to whether the software is right for you.

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Top Open Source Video Converters

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With video’s increasing presence on the internet more and more people are looking for recording and editing options for their media. One issue is that depending on your operating system or camera type, your video may be recorded in 1 of several different formats. As a result, you may need to convert this video in a specific format if you choose to upload it o a website, view it on your computer, or edit it with your editing software. To help you with this we’ve included a list of several open source video converters that will allow you to convert your video files into the type you need.

  1. MediaCoder – is an open source video converter that works with Windows operating system. You can perform batch conversions on a long list of video formats including Mp3, WMA, RealAudio, AVI, MPEG, MP4 and many more.
  2. VLC Media Player – is open source software that works on all platforms. Although it’s not an actual converter, it’s a media player that allows you to rip DVD’s and play downloaded YouTube videos without having to convert them into AVI format. It’s a very nice software that will come in handy if you work with a lot of video.
  3. Handbrake – is video converting software that is open source and works on all platforms. You can utilize it to backup your DVD files by converting them to MPEG-4 format.
  4. WinFF – is a truly free video converter available for Linux and Windows. It’s an open source and cross platform software written in Free Pascal and Lazarus.

Finding free video converters for download on the internet is not difficult. There are literally a plethora of options available for anyone who needs them. Open source versions are a bit more rare and harder to come across. Although many of the video converters on the market are free, they do not make their code open source.

Open source programs are becoming more prevalent as technology and the internet continues to evolve. Proprietary code is beginning to look like it’s the way of the past whereas open source appears to be the way of the future. More and more companies are going to have to embrace the open source movement if they intend to stay competitive in the current software development landscape.

With big software developers such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google beginning to make code open source, the smaller software and niche providers will need to do the same to keep up with the market. They will need to focus on providing more value and look to other ways to generate revenue versus the traditional way of merely developing a video converting software and selling it.

If you are looking for an open source video converter, start with the options above and see if they meet your needs. The good news about open source programs is that if you are a developer and don’t like the way they work, you can always take it upon yourself to change it and give it whatever capabilities you see fit.

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Best Open Source Video Editing Tools

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Video Pad Open Source Video Editor

There are many free video editing tools available that provide great functionality. These tools are easily downloadable and there are a wide array of options present within each software package. Whether your needs are for basic video editing or more professional editing, the tools listed below offer an editing solution that has no cost while providing a package that can be used for a wide variety of video editing situations.

  1. Lightworks – Lightworks’ claim to fame is that it can do so much more than your basic video editing software. It’s been used in movies such as The King’s Speech and Road to Perdition. This is undoubtedly professional video editing software which will take time to master. Its functionality is far more capable then the average user will require and it’s free.
  2. VideoPad Video Editor – This software is simple to use, even if you are new to video editing. However it does not have the same amount of features as Lightworks. Because of its limited features, it may be best suited for someone new to video editing who only intends to do basic changes. If you have some experience in video editing and plan to do some professional work, this may not be the solution for you.
  3. Avidemux – This software is ideal for smaller tasks. It comprises a set of tools for everyday video editing such as, trimming footage, applying filters and effects, and converting between formats. Yet another basic platform available for free.
  4. Wondershare Filmora – An easy-to-use video editing tool for your Windows operating systems. It supports various video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. You can crop, trim, cut and combine videos as you need to. It’s a great platform for the average video editing user who intends to do standard edits on their videos.
  5. VirtualDub – Powerful free video editing software for Windows. It allows you a wide set of editing options, including addition of audio, video splitting and compression. It also has batch-processing capabilities if you are someone who works with a large amount of files.

If you are looking for a free video editing software, there are tons of different options available. Try several and see which one is easiest for you to use. As your editing skills develop, you can look for different free software packages that offer more capabilities or end up buying something that meets your needs. Ultimately, most beginner and intermediate video editors should be able to find free software that can perform everything they need it to. Once you are editing at a higher level, you may have trouble finding an open source package that satisfies you, but with options like Lightworks available, it seems plausible to think that a free option may still be possible.

Whether you are posting on YouTube, or doing professional video editing, open source video editing options deserve some attention. With free options available that have been used to edit major motion pictures, it becomes hard to justify the cost associated with some software that charges upfront or monthly fees. In the end it will come down to the user, and how advanced they intend to go with their software editing requirements.

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