8 Top Open Source Stock Video Footage Hubs

Animated Stock Footage

Open source video footage is often desired by web designers and videographers wanting to put their own personal touch on things. There are many sites that offer stock video footage for download which can be edited however the designer sees fit. Video backgrounds are becoming more prevalent in web design, making open source video footage more highly sought-after. Listed are several sites that offer open source videos for download in an effort to provide quality content for designers and editors alike.

  1. Coverr – Compliments of the great people at Veed.me a video production marketplace, Coverr offers professionally filmed open source stock footage that webmasters can use on their websites.
  2. Vidlery – Vidlery, which is a new open source contribution made by Animations World, a team specializing in explainer video production, offers free open source animated videos for any one who could use the footage in their videos and / or websites.
  3. Pexels Videos – is a video library that brings together open source video content from multiple sources and puts it in one place. Videos are organized by category much like Videezy, and users can search via topic.
  4. SplashBase – is an open source video directory that pulls videos from various sources such as Mazwai. Their directory is searchable and acts as a singular location to find video content from various sources.
  5. Distill – offers free HD stock videos and clips for personal and commercial use. Videos are broken down by category and they post 10 new videos every 10 days.
  6. Beachfront Be-roll – a simple library of free stock video footage and animated backgrounds. There are some video categories available to search by, but not as in-depth as other offerings.
  7. Life of Vids – focuses on videos and loops that are free of copyright restrictions. Videos can be downloaded in multiple formats and new videos are added to the collection every week.*
  8. Videezy – Is a community driven platform with a large collection of HD stock videos and b-roll footage. You can find different videos under specific groups that are compiled under such categories as beauty, music and sports.

If you are looking for stock video footage to put your own personal spin on, the aforementioned sites can provide you with what you need. Many offer HD video quality for download along with libraries of content searchable by topic and title. These open source video sites can be used as a means to acquire non-copyrighted video content for the purposes of web design or video development.

Open source video footage is becoming more prevalent due to the important role video plays in the internet when it comes to information delivery and user conversions. However, open source video is a relatively new trend taking place on the internet today.

If you are someone looking to utilize some open source video for a project you are working on, be sure to check on some of the sites listed above. The video content available should give you a good base to build off of while also allowing you to explore your editing creativity.

Open source video footage is going to become more common on the internet as time passes on, and the resources available in this field will become more prevalent as a result. Regardless, open source information is vital to the progression of our society as a whole and more emphasis should be placed on maximizing its potential instead of hindering it.

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